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For over 93 seasons the Chicago Cubs have been playing baseball at Wrigley Field.  And for over 93 seasons the Cubbie faithful have been filling the seats.  That’s 41,118 seats to be exact.  Now the diehard fan might tell you that there’s not a bad one in the house.  Certainly, his sentiment stems from fond thoughts of ivy-covered walls, manual scoreboards, white flags with blue W’s and day games in July.  Wrigley Field is undoubtly a great place to catch a ballgame.  But realistically, Wrigley’s old-timey charm brings with it some old-timey inconveniences; namely, columns and overhangs.

Before the the advent of cantilevered decks, the upper levels of stadiums had to be reinforced by large, vertical support columns.  Unfortunately, these columns can obstruct the views of those seated in the deck below.  This is the case with Wrigley Field.  Another key architectural aspect of Wrigley is that the upper deck significantly overhangs the lower deck.  While this feature can benefit patrons by sheltering them from the rain and summer sun, it also blocks sightlines of the sky, scoreboard and fly balls for those in the back rows of the lower deck.

When buying tickets, Wrigley can be a tricky ballpark to figure out.  Even official seating charts ( fail to convey the vertical elements of the stadium.  And if you noticed the ticket prices on the link above, it sure is nice to buy with confidence.

So, without further ado, a section-by-section guide to the seats of Wrigley Field.*

The Basics:
– Within each level, section numbering begins with the section furthest from home plate down the third base line and counts upward.  For example, section 101 is at the left field foul pole, 121 is behind home plate and 142 is at the right field foul pole.
– An aisle generally splits a section into two parts.  Seats on the right** side of the aisle begin with the number 1, while seats on the left side of the aisle begin with the number 101.  Thus, seats with higher numbers, such as 15 and 115, are toward the middle of the row.
– The first row in each level is labeled row 1 (except for Dugout and BullPen Box, which start with row A).
– Bleacher seats are accessed through a separate entrance, and do not connect to the main concourses of the stadium.

Dugout & Bullpen Box:  This level is comprised of the three rows nearest the infield, labeled A, B and C.  It is not covered by the upper deck.  As Mr. Bueller would say, “It is so choice.  If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”

Club Box (Sect. 4-38 ):  On the infield, this level is directly behind the Dugout and Bullpen Box level.  On the outfield, this level provides the closest seats down the first and third base lines.  It is not covered by the upper deck.  These too are excellent seats.

Field Box (Sect. 101-142):  This level is separated from the Club Box level by a pedestrian walkway.  This walkway leads to the concourses, which host the concession stands and bathrooms.  If you are in the lower rows (roughly 1-5) of these sections, you may have to contend with frequent foot traffic crossing in front of you.  A minor qualm, for sure, but perhaps annoying for the more particular baseball fan.  Also be aware that a portion of section 101 is designated as a “no alcohol” zone.  The Field Box level is not covered by the upper deck.  On the whole, great seats.

Sect 135, Row 4, Seat 5

Terrace Box & Reserved (Sect. 201-242):
This level is separated from the Field Box level by a second pedestrian walkway.  The first row is slightly elevated, however, so foot traffic is not an issue.  This level is covered by the awning of the upper deck (except portions of 202-204, 237-240, and all of sections 201 and 242).
Rows 1-7 are considered Box, and rows 8+ are considered Reserved (all rows are considered Reserved in 201-204 and 237-242).  The columns supporting the upper deck are usually found in row 6, and are often located on the aisles.  Thus, purchasing seats in row 7 or higher can be a gamble.  To better your odds, look for seats toward the middle of the row (high seat numbers like 15 or 115) in sections 219-231.  Avoid aisle seats (like 1, 2, 101 and 102) in these sections.  Nice views from the outfield can be found in sections 201 and 242.  Notice of obstructed views will be printed on the tickets for some of the worst seats.

Column locations at Wrigley Field (denoted by yellow squares)
A complete list of column locations can be found at the end of this article.

Additionally, sightlines from rows 16 and higher (19 and higher in the sections behind home plate) will suffer from the upper deck overhang.  Views of the sky, scoreboard and fly balls will likely be obstructed.  Small TV monitors and digital scoreboards are hung in the rafters above in an attempt to compensate.

Sect 222, Row 23TV monitor in 200 level

In summary, the Terrace level offers many great bang-for-your-buck seats, but you have to work a little to find them.

Bleachers & Bleacher Box (Sect. 301-342):  The Bleachers offer general admission seating on a first come, first serve basis.  The section number on your ticket is irrelevant.  [editor’s note:  The general admission policy does not apply to postseason tickets.  Seating assignments are enforced in the Bleachers during the playoffs.]  The Bleacher Box sections (316-318 ) offer assigned seating, as is found in the rest of the stadium.  The Bleacher level is located behind the outfield wall, offers good views and has a rowdier atmosphere than the rest of the stadium.

Upper Deck Box (Sect. 403-438 ):  This is the first level of the upper deck.  Due to the overhanging design, the first row of this level is directly above the first row of the Terrace level.  Sections 419-422 are directly below the Press Box.  Seats in this level are covered by an awning, but views are not obstructed.  The Upper Deck Box level offers very good to fair seats, the best being the first few rows along the infield.

Upper Deck Reserved (Sect. 503-538 ):  This level is separated from the Upper Deck Box level by a pedestrian walkway.  Foot traffic shouldn’t be an issue, however a second set of columns does appear along the walkway.  These columns are actually a continuation of those on the lower deck.  They are aligned with the aisles (except one column in sections 527 and 528 ) and are just in front of the first row.  If you choose to sit in this level,  look for seats in the lower rows, toward the middle of the row (high seat numbers like 15 and 115) in sections 509-525 and 529-532.  Note that the area directly behind home plate is taken up by the Press Box, so there are no Upper Deck Reserved seats behind the plate.  This level is covered by an awning as well, but because of the elevation it does not obstruct sightlines.  The Upper Deck Reserved level offers many good seats at low prices, but because of the distance from the field and the chance of column encounters, might be best suited for those feeling a little lucky.

Hopefully this article will help make your next visit to Wrigley Field a great one!

200 Level Column Locations (some may be approx.):
– Sect 202, Row 22, Seat 1
– Sect 204, Row 15, Seat 104
– Sect 205, Row 08, Seat 106
– Sect 206, Row 06, Seat 101
– Sect 208, Row 06, Seat 101
– Sect 209, Row 06, Seat 101
– Sect 211, Row 06, Seat 101
– Sect 213, Row 06, Seat 107
– Sect 215, Row 06, Seat 114
– Sect 215, Row 06, Seat 009
– Sect 216, Row 06, Seat 005
– Sect 218, Row 06, Seat 001
– Sect 219, Row 06, Seat 001
– Sect 220, Row 06, Seat 001
– Sect 222, Row 06, Seat 101
– Sect 223, Row 06, Seat 101
– Sect 224, Row 06, Seat 101
– Sect 226, Row 06, Seat 101
– Sect 228, Row 06, Seat 001
– Sect 229, Row 06, Seat 001
– Sect 231, Row 06, Seat 001
– Sect 233, Row 06, Seat 001
– Sect 235, Row 06, Seat 001
– Sect 236, Row 06, Seat 001
– Sect 237, Row 10, Seat 006
– Sect 239, Row 16, Seat 004
– Sect 240, Row 20, Seat 107/108


Comments, corrections and suggestions are always welcome.


*The Mezzanine Suites and Batter’s Eye will not be discussed here.  Chiblogo has made every effort to ensure information in this article is correct at the time of posting and is not liable for any factual errors.
**All directions are from the perspective of someone seated in the stands.



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  1. Ryan

    What a great post — thank you.

    • ryan c

      What areas are you in the sun/shade during day games?

    • cp

      We are looking at tickets in section 527 row 7 seats 5-8. Are these good seats? Is your view of home or first base obstructed in these seats?

    • Harold

      If I buy section 503 Row 2 somewhere in the middle (I think) or section 523 row 4 (the “2nd section closer to 1st base), will we be safe insofar as an obstructed view? We need 3 tickets together and there is not a large selection for the day we are looking at.

  2. Excellent info! I have season tickets, so I know my seats. But, I often have friends that want to go and this is a great reference guide. Thank You!

  3. Mathew

    Thanks! What great information! I just bought some tickets online and wanted to make sure I didn’t have a column in my face the whole game. I’m in section 108, so I’m good to go. Go Cubs Go!

  4. Trevor

    Thanks! I finally found a list of the seats in front of columns. I think I’m going for the Upper Deck Box seats they sound pretty cool.
    Go Cubs!

  5. Paul

    great comment

  6. John

    Great post! Just want to note that during playoff games at Wrigley the section number is relevant in the Bleachers. All regular season games are general admission, but for playoff games the Bleachers have assigned seating.

    And for the record my favorite seats at Wrigley are around section 415. Great perspective of the entire field, plus views of the El train, Lake Michigan, the northern skyline…..These seats are also close to concession stands and the only men’s bathroom on the upper deck (I think). I used to pride myself on doing my business w/o missing a pitch!

  7. Valerie

    Section 215, row 22.
    can anybody let me know if those seats are worth it?

  8. Jon & Em

    Great information. We’re glad somebody has a guide on where to sit and where the poles are! Thanks for the help.

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  10. Rich Gellette

    Thanks for the info! Great site!! I’m from Philly and will be attending the Phils-Cubs series at the end of August. Section 233, Row 6, Seat 102…..does anyone know if this seat is obstructed?

  11. Lauren

    I am going to be in Chicago over Labor day. I’m looking for tickets. Are there any good tickets out front the day of the game? is the cost totally inflated or can I find a good deal? Thanks.

  12. Jeff

    Great post. I’m wondering if anyone has done something like a google street view for stadiums so we can actually see the view from the seats? It would be great to actualy get a view before dropping 3 bills on stubhub.

  13. Louis

    Per your comments to avoid aisle seats in Terrace box sections (201-242),I had 2 tix on Aug 21 Cubs vs Reds, 1:20PM start, section 222 row 13 seats 1&2 and my view of left field was partially obstructed by the column in section 222. Total cost to stub hub for last minute purchase to Cubs game was appx $200.
    I went with my 15 year. We’re from Potomac MD suburbs. This was our 17th stadium on quest to see all 30 (15th Milwaukee, 16th White Sox, 17th Cubs). The partial obstruction was annoying. That said, the overall experience (stadium, fans, game, scoreboard, neighborhood, subway transportation, crazy seating on nearby rooftops, 7th inning stretch song with fans turning around and looking up to where?, the go cubs go song at the end of the game, not to mention funky piss sink in bathroom, etc) made Wrigley the overall most authentic and best experience, hands down for us. (food could use an upgrade,garlic fries maybe?) In our humble opinion it beat other old timers Yankee stadium and Fenway. Notwithstanding I’m still a Met fan for life.

    By the way anybody find my flip top cell phone?

  14. Tony

    Good article…my personal preference is any of the seats in Sect. 403-438 (just because I haven’t ever found a good deal on Field Box or better seats). The thing with any of the seats in the 400 sections is that you are guranteed no obstructions and like Louis found out with his seats in Section 200, I’ve found seats in both the 200s and 500s to be really hit or miss. The advice in this column is definitely helpful, but it’s still no guarantee that your seats in the 200s or 500s won’t at least be partially blocked by a support column. (With that said, 6 games of the 10 games we’ve been to this year were in the 500s and for 3 of those 6 games in the 500s we had what I would consider good to great views for the price).

    @ Lauren- if you don’t find tickets in advance, you will find an abundance of resellers hawking tickets around Wrigleyville. Ask a lot of questions. Generally the going rate is $100 and up. Don’t get suckered into by Standing Room Only tickets for $100 though. Check around and you should be able to find reserved seats that are so, so for that price- won’t be great tickets, but at least you’ll have a seat and not have to stand the entire game.

  15. Matt

    I want to personally thank you for being the first person on the web that I could find who explained how the seat numbers here work! It is amazing at a famous ballpark like Wrigley Field that there is NO seating map on the Internet as far as explaining what rows start where, and the average consumer is expected to guess how the seat numbers range. Flat out ridiculous, almost every stadium has virtual seating nowadays.

    Thanks to you, I now know the aisles split the sections into 2 parts, and that seats 1 will be on the right of the aisle, and seats 101 will be on the left! Gracias again!

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  17. Corey

    I have tickets for the possible game 5 of the NLDS in section 204-3… anyone know what that means?

  18. jim

    how many rows/letters are there in section 36 (rs) at wrigley field?

  19. Jaime

    Great info! Looked everywhere and found exactly what I was looking for here.


    If you are refering to the tickets on stubhub that say section 36 RS row M. Those tickets are actually for dodgers stadium. Not sure why they are under game 2 of the NLDS.

  20. DR

    Anyone know if section 233, row 5, seats 1-2 are obstructed — or clear from column/poles which I thought start in row 7?

  21. mike

    Good and accurate insight. To elaborate on bad seats, avoid the back third of the 200 level–you will be disappointed. All 200s look like fine seats on the seating chart, but as you move back rows the upper deck overhang creeps into play. As noted, much past Row 15 you cant see the scoreboard, or fly balls, which is quite annoying. And it is loud loud loud when the PA system is blaring, which is often. This is because the upper deck basically serves as a very low ceiling for these seats. As for the TVs, they are small and unwatchable, so no chance that they will save you.

  22. Jen

    Thanks so much for this great info! I just bought tickets to the Winter Classic and thanks to your info, I can now sigh with relief that I won’t be sitting directly behind a pole. Great job!!

  23. Danny

    Thank you very much for your detailed post. Like Jen I bought tickets to the Winter Classic and from your notes it appears that my seats in Section 240 Row 8 should be okay with no obstruction. Appreciate it.

  24. Susan

    The for the wonderful information. This is the most detailed Wrigley seating info I’ve found. Thanks !

  25. stever

    I just got lucky with four tickets to Elton John and Billy Joel, forty minutes in que, then bam, I scored. Got section 224 row 23 seats. I’ve searched ten minutes to see if these are under cover. YES they are, important because the concert will go on rain or shine. Thanks for the detail of the field.

  26. Has anyone been on the 220 section. Is it ok for a concert?

  27. DJ

    Does anyone know if section 205 row 1 (no seats yet) has the potential to be obstructed?

  28. justin


    row 1 will not be obstructed…

  29. Becky

    Super helpful. This helped me decide what ticket to purchase. Thanks so much!

  30. Ian

    I saw that you said to avoid the aisle seats in terrace box and reserved but normally I like aisle seats due to not having someone to my left or right. This comes in handy as I am a huge fellow. I got tickets for section 211, row 6, seats 1 and 2. Am I in for something unexpected other than people crossing my path a lot?

  31. Sara

    Help!! I am looking at spending a substancial amount on Ebay, and there are two sets of tickets I may go for. One is in section 233 row 17 and the other is in section 216 row 22. Not sure of the seat numbers.

    Anyone know how good or bad these seats are???

    Thanks in advance!!!


  32. Jason

    Whats does 3 Behind and 3 Near Bullpen mean on a ticket purchase?

  33. ashley

    i just bought tickets for 215 row ten seats 113 and 114…are these going to be obstructed??????


    so me and my coworkwers just got some seats for the crosstown classic on utesday night were all excited becouse half of us our cub fans and the other are sox fans would anybody be able to tell me if sec. 229 row 13 be obstructed by those ugly beams? would appreciate a response,


    sorry just posted its

  36. Gary

    Taking my wife to her first MLB baseball game at Wrigley on July 10th – of course it’s the dreaded ReCards…. Any clue on where to secure decent seats at decent pricing? (Non-EBay – StubHub etc)


  37. Mark


  38. This is some great information. What I also would like to know is where the wall is along the Field Box Outfield Sections (I think this may also apply to some Club Box Outfield seats after the Dugout Box section). Since the outfield opens wider into the Field Box section there are many seats that show row 4, 5, 6 etc, that are actually along the wall and are very nice as no one is sitting in your view and gives you a good chance to pick-up bp and foul balls. There is a seating chart at Wrigley by the box offices at Clark and Addison that shows the section, rows and seat numbers. Does anyone know how to get a hold of a seating chart like this, I would really like to add it to my Wrigley memorabilia, and it would come in handy when picking seats.

  39. pretty lil asian

    we’re planning to watch the game on thursday, and still checking on seats before we spend money on buying tix… we’re leaning on Sec.222, row16 (no seat number yet), will this be obstructed? hope for your comment! Tnx!

  40. Erik

    Where are seats 1 compared to seats 101 in particular section?


  41. Cheryl

    Just purchased tickets for section 219 row 19 for a July 09 game. Can anyone let me know what the view is from there? Thanks and GO CUBS!

  42. Tim

    Great post! Bleacher clowns will never have to worry about their seats becoming reserved. There never are any post season games to worry about! Go Cardinals!

  43. nick

    just bought tickets for my wife and I…our first trip to wrigley! sec. 211-212, row 8 seats 105 and 106: are these okay? any obstruction from column or overhang?


  44. Justin

    tickets for sec 215 row 5, that should be right in front of the pillar, right?

  45. Melanie

    I have tickets in Sec. 205-3. I’m going crazy trying to find info on the “-3”. Anyone know what it means?

  46. Ralph

    This was great info. that I could not find anywhere else on the internet. We have 4 seats that are supposed to be together, but they are in 2 sections, row 12 – sec 209 seats 11 & 12, and seats 109 & 110 in section 211, row 12. From your description of seating numbers this sounds like they may be together, but it sure would be nice to know for sure. It also sounds like the sections can run together without being split by an aisle, which might be worth mentioning.

  47. Doug

    I’m from out of town coming for a game. I bought three tickets on stub hub which said they were consecutive, but the numbers make me think they cannot be. Any chance 509 1 12, 511-1 1 110, 511-1 1 109 are consecutive? Or will I be using my fanprotect?

  48. Hi Doug, my name is Jeffrey from StubHub Executive Customer Care. I read your comment and would like to help address any concerns you may have regarding the seats you ordered. Please email me directly with your order number and I can contact the seller on your behalf. If there are any issues, I’d like to work with you to correct them. I look forward to your email – you can reach me via email at; attn Jeffrey

  49. I appreciate the work that you have put in, in this page. Really good,

  50. D. Higby

    I use this article every time I’m looking for tickets. It does a great service to fans. I have a question if you don’t mind. I have tickets in section 4 for a game in May. This is the next to last section next to the field along the third base line. I believe this is where the infamous Bartman Seat is. However that seat is usually described as Aisle 4, row 8, seat 113. Are they just leaving out the section number? I don’t see any references to “Aisles” in seating charts.

  51. harry simons

    I have seats in the following locations:
    Terrace Reserved Infield
    Section Row Seat
    224-2 14 1
    224-2 14 2

    Infield Upper Deck Reserved 525 Row: 3
    seats 3 and 4
    How are these seats.

  52. Dan

    I have tickets in section 233 seats 103-107.. it’ll be my first time going to Wrigley Field. Will they be mostly unobstructed?

  53. Enfin voila une bon chose merci pour se post !

  54. CJ

    Great article! Was looking for tickets to opening day, during a vacation to Chicago, and this article saved me from buying potentially bad seats. Now I know I’ll have a good view. Thanks for the detailed information!!

  55. mayra m

    hello , im looking to get tix for openig day, and i have a few choices.. i wanted to know if sec 206 row 16 seats 105 and 106 be oobstructed?

  56. S

    I have section 228 row 7 seats 1 and 2.

    Are these directly behind the pole and would the view be extremely limited?

  57. Will

    Anyone know if seats 1-4, row 9, section 231 are ok? I read in this article that there’s a pole in seat 1 of row 6…just wanted to get some opinions from people who have sat in this area.

  58. Blake

    I am about to buy tickets in section 204, row 10, I notice the column is behind row 10 in section 204, but in 205 the column is row 8, do you think this could be obstructing the view?

  59. Sarkistic

    I have tickets for Club Box 1007. Where is this??

  60. jeni

    great article!

    i’m planning on attending my first cubs game and don’t want to spend a ton. i DO want a decent view and a seat in the sun. it’s an afternoon game (noon start). where should i be for the best sun?


  61. AmandaB

    Looking to purchase 2 seats:

    Section: 219
    Row: 7
    Seat 101 &102

    About to drop about $200 for these for the Cubs vs. White Sox game on 6/12/2010… Worth it for the view?

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  63. Syed Shah

    I want to purchase seats for after prom section 204 row 6… is that a good idea if i want to watch the game.

  64. jns

    I ust bought tickets in Section: 235-2. Does anyone knopw what the “-2” means?

  65. Cards Fan

    I am looking at tickets in section 240, rows 10 and 11 on the aisle. Any thoughts?

  66. jake.

    I just bought tickets for section 237 row 11, got them cheap so not too worried if they arent the greatest, but any obstruction of the field or wall there?

  67. Gary

    Sect. 216
    Row 23

    Are they obstructed?

  68. heidi

    I am Buying tickets un section 208 row 20seats 101-105, after reading this, I’m pretty sure they are obstructed?? can you let me know for sure? (i can not get the official guide to pull up on my phone)

  69. Steve C

    Great! Unfortunately I read this AFTER I purchased tickets to visit Wrigley. Our seats in section 525 R3, 101-103 are going to be “Limited View”. Hopefully it won’t take too much away from the experience; I grew up at Tiger Stadium so dealing with a post is not a new experience, just have to get the left-right shift down!

  70. mark broussard

    i just bought seats in sec 9 row A and paid a fortune but ive been a life-long cub fan and its me my wife and 13 yr old sons 1st time to wrigley so what the heck right. my ? is how far from bullpen and or dugout will we be. go cubbies!!!!

  71. Dustin D

    Just got tickets for memorial weekend series vs cards. Section 515 Row 5 seat 1,2. Are these badly obstructed??? Wish I would have read this site sooner. Been to fenway and dealt with that so just let me know. Thank you for the help

  72. Chris K.

    Just wanted to say thanks for this post. I made my first trip to Wrigley a couple of weeks back and used this post as a guideline. I ended up buying tickets from and had a good experience. I paid over face, but we had infield box seats for under $100. I highly recommend reading this article, because there are tons of seats that I would not have been happy to sit in. Thanks again!

  73. ryan

    I have tix for Section 229, Row 12, Seats 5, 6

    Has anyone ever sat in these or have any idea if the 229 pole is in the way of home plate?

  74. TM

    Is section 524, row 1, seat 103 OK? Thanks.

  75. Smooth

    I bought tickets for Reds-Cubs July 2nd. Section 224-3, Row 16, Seats 9-10. Is the overhang from the upper deck particularly terrible there?

  76. Megan

    I am looking to purchase tickets to the Cubs/Cards game in late July!

    I have never been to Wrigley Field but we plan to attend as part of our babymoon.
    Are there any bad seats in the Infield Upper Deck Box? I found Box 420 Row 5 Seats 5&6.
    I also found seats in other 400 boxes that were like 1-4. We want a beautiful view and some shade especially being pregnant. Will I find that in these sections? What do you recommend?


  77. Danny

    Hi, I just bought tickets in section 16 row 1, I am assuming this is not the actual first row? The tiecket box office I bought them from told me that the dugout box and infield level were the same thign , or lead me to believe they were the same thing. She said they are different sections but tgether, or something like that. So technically I am row 4 in section 16? According to the pics I have seen thats what it looks like??

  78. Ann

    I am trying to buy tickets for July 16, 2010 game. I am looking on ticketliquidator. There appears to be seats in Row 14 of Sect 223. What seats should I avoid in that row/section to avoid the columns?

  79. Denise Kemnitz

    After researching the seating at Wrigley Field and checking out the blogs, I went ahead and ordered tickets last night through Stub Hub. My concern was the columns, and the rep was not able to promise me anything. So, I took a chance, hoping that our tickets would not be aisle seats. I received them today, and they are in section 231, row 9, seats 101-105, not quite what I was hoping for. I see that the column is located at seat 1 across the aisle. Will our entire view be obstructed, and how wide is the column?

    Thank you.
    Denise Kemnitz

  80. ks

    Very helpful tips and info! Thank you! A buddy of mine and I are heading to Wrigley for a game in September. We may have a chance at first row tickets in the bullpen box….are they obstructed by the uniformed staff, pitchers, and catchers? Another words, are there players and staff blocking your view of the action?


  81. Amparo

    Great article, by the way. Should’ve searched this before buying. I just bought tix in sec 226; row 9; seats 101 – 102 – 103. Will my view of the field be extremely compromised? It’s my very first trip to Chicago from NYC.
    Thank you…

  82. Allyson

    I just purchased four tickets to Dave Matthews at Wrigley. Two are sec 205, row 14, seats 107 & 108 and two are row 205, row 8, seats 101 & 102. Since we’ll be looking at the outfield at the stage and not home plate, I’m hoping that these aren’t obstructed views. Will our view be obstructed for the concert? I’d appreciate your feedback – thank you!

  83. Mike

    I have 4 seats for Friday s game against the Phillies in section 222-3 Row 17 Seats 1,2,3,4. I got them for $80/each. Anybody know if these are good seats?

    Thanks for the help


  84. Megan

    I took the plunge and I purchased 422 Row 6 seats 1 and 2. These will be a nice view right with some good shade? 🙂 Thanks!

    • Megan

      Does $80/ticket sound reasonable. It is to the July 24th Cards game!

  85. Jay


    I live in NY and I’m going to Chicago September 3-6 for the Mets vs cubs series. I bought tickets for the Saturday game infield terrace box section 222 row 5. For Sunday infield terrace section 216 row 5. My question is – are the seats obstructed in any way? I goggle cubs seats and came up with this website which helped me a lot.


  86. Emily

    This is our first time going to Wrigley. Please let me know what you all think is the better option for seats:

    Section 407, Row 6, Seats 101 and 102
    Section 101, Row 10, Seats 101 and 102
    Section 240-3, Row 28, Seats 103 and 104

    Thanks so much! 🙂

  87. EG

    I’m looking at purchasing 2 tickets in Section 223, Row 1 (Box). The tickets are cheaper than many I have found in the same area. Anything I don’t know here, or have I just stumbled upon a good deal? Thanks!

  88. Thomas

    Just got tickets for Saturday’s game against the Cards. Best we could get at this late date (and a somewhat decent price) are in Section 536, Row 1, Seats 109-110. From the information above it looks like they will not be obstructed, but would like to confirm. All the best and Go Cubs!

  89. Melyssa

    Section: 215 Row: 18 Seats: 107 – 114

    Just bought these tickets to a Cubs game at Wrigley before I found this website…. is our view obstructed? Will it be shaded?

  90. bryan

    section 38, row 4… wondering if me and my gf got good seats… i know there wont be any obstructions but just wanted an expert opinion… my first game at wrigley against the redlegs

  91. chris

    I have tickets for the August 21st game and would like to know if the view will be poor… section 231 row 18 seats 16, 17 and 18..thanks

  92. Vanne

    Section 240, Row 17, Seats 105-110

    Obstructed view?!?!?

  93. Boner

    How early should I arrive for bleacher seats?
    Is there something I should do when I get there?

  94. Andrew

    Are section 228, row 2, seats 101 and 102 good?

  95. Jennifer

    Hi! I’m from Pittsburgh (but I love Chicago!) and I’m coming in for the DMB concerts in September. We just got our seat assignments today.

    1st night – Sec. 206 Row 14 – (no actual seat #’s yet)
    2nd night – Sec. 423 Row 4

    Sounds like the 2nd night seats are pretty decent, but what about the 1st night? Are we too far to the left to get a good view of center field and the stage?! Let me know! Great site!!! Thanks!

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  97. Mike


    I have tickets for Section: 226
    Row: 18 | Seats: 109,110,10,9


    Section: 231
    Row: 17 | Seats: 101-104

    which set is better without obstructed view? I saw in the seating map that 226 has obstructed view compared to 231, I wanted to confirm if that’s right.


  98. Mike

    Sorry for the connfusion, the 9 and 10 are for 224 -18 and 226. So would you prefer 226 or 231 seats?

  99. Steve

    I purchased tickets for an upcoming game and want to make sure of no obstructions and how good.bad the seats are


    Also would bleachers seats be better?

  100. Brendan

    Coming from Toronto and I just purchased tickets for a game vs the Giants in Sept in Section 11.
    They look like great seats by all accounts, and i think i got a fairly good price for them, was just curious to possibly get someones thoughts on that section?
    let me know.


  101. Steve

    What about section 202 row 19?

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  103. rob

    Section 228 / Row 3 / Seats 5,6,7,8 are they good seats. first time going to a Cubs game.

  104. Kelli

    What a wonderfully helpful post!!! I’ve also been on the seat map at SO HELPFUL!! I was a little confused myself as to where exactly the upper deck sat. But the “hide” or “show” option is very helpful for that.

    I’m coming in late Sept as a birthday treat and I’m debating between something in the first couple rows of the infield 200s (definitely the first six rows) or something in the infield 400s. Prices are pretty similar on StubHub for the game I’m looking at. I do like that there could be city and lake views in the 400s but some cover may be nice in case of rain. It’s an evening game and we’ll have two kiddos but I’m not too concerned about the sun at that point.

    Any insight is appreciated, but I mainly wanted to say thank you for taking the time to post and keep up with this, and also for
    We’re coming just for the game, so if you have any hotel suggestions I’d take those as well. 🙂

    Thanks again!!!

  105. Kelli

    I should say I’m looking at something in the “infield terrace box” in the 200s. What is the difference between “box” and “reserved”?

  106. Kathy

    I am looking at tickets in Section 430 Row 4 Seats 105, 106. Are these any good? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much!

  107. Matt

    I’m considering purchasing Dave Matthews tickets at a good price in sec 211 row 12. Are they good seats, or do I really have to worry about obstruction?

  108. i’m typically scurrying throughout the online world most of the day and so I tend to peruse a ton, which unfortunately isnt usually a good matter as a great number of the sites I view are composed of pointless crap copied from different web pages a trillion times, however I gotta give you props this blog is genuinely quite informative and even has got a lot of genuine content, so thank you for helping to stop the trends of basically duplicating other people’s blogs 🙂

  109. Greg

    This site has been a great help. I am coming in from NY for the Yankee series in June and just purchased the following tickets:

    Section 213
    Row 3

    I was curious if these seats are obstructed by any means?

  110. MP

    HI! Thanks for all your information. Can you tell me about sect 205, row 9, seats 1-4? Bit worried after reading your posts, but hoping infield views will be ok?

  111. Johnny Smith

    What can anyone tell me about Section 122 Row 3 . Family trip. 2 adults and 4 children. Just got the seats from first trip to wrigley

  112. Mike M

    Do you know anything about section 204-3???

    Particularly row 22/23 seats 101/102 or 107/108

    Obviously you wouldn’t these particular seats but any thoughts on that area??
    Particularly would they be obstrcuted and is there a chance they hang out from
    under the upper deck overhang and aren’t totally shaded?

    I heard the last support beam is in section 205?

  113. Dave

    Hello. Can you tell me if Section 226, Row 13, Seats 101-106 would be obstructed?


  114. Dave

    Hello. Can you let me know your thoughts on the following sections:

    Section 201, Row 3, Seats 101-106
    Section 239, Row 6, Seats 101-106


  115. I just picked up 4 tickets –

    Section 231
    Row 6
    Seats 1-4

    It looks like the column is right next to seat 1. Any idea if my view will be blocked being so close to it, or will I be OK?

  116. Laurie

    Was able to get tickets to Cubs’ game in Section 204-3, seats 101, 102, 103, 104. Don’t know what the -3 means in Section 204. Does anyone know if these seats will be obstructed? Also, are they covered by the awning?

  117. jim

    Fantastic post! I just got club box seats for a Cards/Cubs game this May, so don’t have to worry about it, but in the past I’ve spent so much time studying pictures and trying to figure out if the view was going obstructed.

    I love Wrigley when I have unobstructed seats, and this post will help the next time I can’t find Club Box’s for a game!

  118. Geeorgie

    I am visiting Wrigley Fields on 7.3,2011 can anyone tell me if infield upper deck 530 row 4 seats 9 and 10 have any view or 524 upper deck 9 seats 105 and 106 I really have not got a clue I would just love to say I have been with my 18 year old daughter,thank you

  119. Kristin

    Taking my dad to Chicago for the Astros series. He was an usher at Wrigley back in the 50s and hasn’t been to a game in over a couple decades!
    How does row 218-1, row 3, seats 1-8 look? From what I’ve read, I believe we are in front of columns but I’m not sure if we are under the awning or right on the border of awning/no awning? Thanks!

  120. Shannon Keith

    I just purchased tickets for my boyfriend and I. We are coming out in April. I got Section 38 Row 10. Will these be good seats? Thanks

  121. Jason C.

    I’m bringing a large group to the Cubs/Pirates game on 5/29/11. We all wanted to sit together in the same row, and the only option we’ve found so far that would guarantee this is Section 204, Row 29, where we could buy the entire row. What do you think of these seats, and, given the choice of them, the bleachers, or one of the rooftops, which would you prefer?

  122. Ryne

    I bought the Cubs six pack and this weekend tickets are in Section 220 row 7 seats 2 and 3? How bad will these seats be?

  123. Ben

    We just purchased 4 tickets- Aisle 242, Row 11, Seats 101-104. The tickets have a face value of $2.00 each. Why is that? And, do you know if they are decent seats? Thanks!!!

  124. John

    sc 204, row 18, seats 3-8?

  125. jean

    Looking to visit Wrigley sometime this summer and concerned about the seating. Last summer we visited Fenway Park and were very diappointed because the seats were small and rows were very close together! My husband is tall and could not sit down in our seats!! (He’s not heavy, just tall!) Wondering if Wrigley suffers from the same old time ballpark seating arrangement or if there are sections we should try to get in to avoid this! Your website is great and gave me many options when looking for tickets! Thanks for sharing!

  126. Robert

    I just purchased tickets for May 24th Cubs vs. Mets, $36 each. Section 216 Row 20 Seats 1-4. I wish I would have checked this site first, they look to be ok tickets. This will be my second time to Wrigley. When I was looking at them on Stubhub, I was confused by the upper deck overshadow on the seating map. I used this site last year and found great seats in 116. If anyone can confirm the fiew from these seat it would be greatly appreciated. Next time I will stick with section 116. Thanks Robert

  127. Randy

    I am traveling 2,000 miles for my once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage to Wrigley Field. Right now I have seats in 134 row 1, but could move to 231 row 3. What are your thoughts about the FREQUENCY of foot traffic that would interfere with 134 row 1, and how would that compare to 3rd row in 231?

  128. Reid

    Grew up in the Chicago suburbs and have been a long suffering Cubs fan for many, many years, but never sat in a particularly good seat. Now that I’ve been living in the northwest far from Chi-town for a decade, I finally have the chance to return to Wrigley Field. I just got an e-mail confirmation forwarded from my girlfriend that on May 12th we’ll be sitting in “DUGB19, Row C, Seats 107 & 108” She bought the tickets for me as a surprise gift. My question: Should I marry her?

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  130. Nicole

    how bout section 223 row 16 seat 13? Any obstructions?

  131. Al

    I am going to buy four tickets from a friend of mine. He has Seats 7-12 in Rows 11-13 of Section 215. I’m thinking maybe of piggybacking and getting Seats 11 & 12 in Rows 11 & 12. Do you think those would be the best seats of what I have to choose from?



  132. Randy

    Getting back to you on the sec. 134 row 1: I would not take these seats again. Yes, great view of the field…but seldom could see it. The vendors were really plentiful at this intersection. Though you stated “in general, fans practice decent baseball etiquette”, sadly it was inaccurate in this area. People were often walking during the pitches. I truly cannot remember an unobstructed view of consecutive pitches. At one point, even the usher blocked our view for 2 pitches while he stood with some fans in the aisle and engaged in social talk. However, finally being at Wrigley Field was a highlight in my baseball life. So glad I made the trip.

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  134. Deric

    I am taking my two 8 year old boys in late July to their first cubs game (afternoon game). I am thinking for sanity that sections below row 6 in the 200’s under the upper deck will help us in the event of 90+ temps and sun beating on them for 3 hours. You mention that row 1 in these sections are elevated and foot traffice is not an issue. Is that true for a child too? We want good views not concerned with how close to the field, but shade so that don’t say “can we go to the hotel and swim” after I drop a couple hundred on tickets.

    Thanks, great site and thread.

  135. Doug

    Great site, I live in Iowa and travel to Wrigley a half dozen times a year. And it took me forever to figure out seating. Good for you for setting this up. Great resource for cubbies. Good lookin out yo1 and God bless dem Cubs!
    Bullpen seats for tomorrow nights game, pumped out of my skull!

  136. Izzy

    Awesome blog, I’ve been on hear weekly since I found out I’d be making my trek to Wrigley this summer.

    Section 228, Row 2, Seats 117-119. Any good? And is 1 of those 3 any better than the rest?

    Thanks in advance.

  137. deric

    Thanks, I will look on the 3rd base side.

  138. lae

    I have Yankee Cubs ticket:
    Field Box Aisle 130/131 , Row 13 and Seats 9 and 108.
    so, not together?????.

  139. lae

    I have Yankee Cubs ticket at Wrigley next week:
    Field Box Aisle 130/131 , Row 13 and Seats 9 and 108.
    so, not together?????.

  140. Alex

    Any thoughts on 229, row 18, seat 110? Wondering what kind of sightlines I’ll get from there. Thanks in advance.

  141. Mike

    Awesome article and information !! We have tickets in Section 422, Row 6, Seats 1 – 4 for a Cubs Braves game in August. is this going to be underneath the press box, or just in front of it ? I see only 8 rows in that section.

    Thank you for any feedback – great job on this !!

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  143. deric

    tyks, you say 422 row six you would sit in a heartbeat…….so would any of those center sections on the upper box be better for me and the 8 yr old twins? I am looking at 3 tix in 418 row 5, seats 3-6 for $70 a pop, just want boys to have fun, maybe see a foul ball and not fry in the july sun.

    Any advice on section and seats would be awesome. Goal is to watch the whole game and view and shade is the only way that will happen.

    Thanks again, this is a great thread and site.


  144. Dennis G

    i have section 206 seats for paul mccartney. any good?

  145. Kevin B

    I have 3 different sets of tickets for the Mccartney show. Was wondering if you can give me some info if there are going to be any obstructions at all but doesnt look like it judging from your chart. Section 205-1 Row 2 Seats 5 and 6, Section 523 Row 1 Seats 5-8, and Section 509 Row 2 Seats 109-112.

    • Kevin B

      3 of us got together and tried to get as many tickets as many of our friends are trying to go and stumbled upon this website. Great blog by the way.

  146. TyPerry

    Coming in for Labor Day weekend for a father son roadtrip with my 10 year old from Pittsburgh. How are seats 205 row 9 seats 5-8? Great site!! If you ever visit PNC park not really a bad seat in the park. Just stay away from first couple rows in left field by foul pole

  147. Hmm. I see precisely what you mean. Hey, would you happen to have an Feed? Im trying to subscribe so I can get updates. Let me know.

  148. Ashley

    Can you tell me about Section 527, row 3? I think the seats will be in lower numbers, possibly aisle. Will these have an obstructed view?

  149. Brian

    Could anyone please verify what the “-1” at the end of a section number means? I’m looking to buy 2 tickets to the McCartney show on 8/1 and the seats are section 110-1, row 6. There are lots of sections without the -1 and I’m curious why it would be included in the section number.
    Thanks in advance,

  150. chris

    Hi, what a great post!
    I have 4 seats in the bullpen box for July 1.
    They’re listed as section BLPN9 row C and seats 1-4.
    Are these as good as they seem?
    Thanks, we’re really looking forward to our trip from Canada for our first visit to Wrigley.

  151. John

    I have tickets in section 409 row 4 for a day game in July. Will we be in the sun all day? Thanks much.

  152. Ryan

    I have seats in section 505 row (seats 7 & 8) for the 7/16 game against the Marlins. Will the view be obstructed?

  153. Matt C.

    My wife and I are planning to attend Cubs – Sox game July 3rd. Are Outfield Terrace Reserved Section 242, Row 5, Seats 101 and 102 ok? We’re looking for something not undercover and appears they fit the bill. Thanks and very helpful site.

  154. Erin

    FINALLY get to see a Beatle perform Aug. 1 at Wrigley! So excited. Unfortunately, I had to grab the first tickets available and having never been to the park, I’m slightly terrified that I got bum seats after the price I paid for the tickets. Section 525, Row 6, Seats 101, 102. I guess I don’t care if I have a giant pole in my face if I get to see McCartney, I just want to know what I got myself into. Thanks!

  155. Terri

    Just letting you know how we made out with our section 215 row 6 seat 8 ticket . . . We found out after we purchased our tickets that there is a pole in the seat 9 spot and that you need to lean forward to see around it. We were able to change our tickets. When we selected the seats online it said it was a bronze game, but we were charged for a silver game. (It was a makeup from a rainout and the reschedule was changed to a silver game, but the description on the website was not updated.) When I called the ticket office I told them that we were charged more than we expected for a seat with impaired vision. I’m not sure which of the two complaints held the greater weight, but they let us change our seats. My husband and my daughter had a great time at the game. They checked out the original seats and were very happy they made the change. Thanks for the great info on this site!

  156. Great article…just wanted to check with you about tickets in Sec 228 Row 7 seats 105,106… Looks like they will be out of the sun for the afternoon game and maybe have the pole a few seats to the right?? Did I do okay picking these seats out??

  157. Jeff

    How’s the view from section 38 row 5 106 / 107?

  158. Jeff

    Vs sec 220 row 13, 5 & 6 (Pref) for 8/19 game

  159. Diane

    Anyone know how section 536 row 5 would be at Wrigley for a concert? The stage will be in centerfield. Thanks

  160. Ashley


    Can you tell me about the two following areas?!
    Sec. 515, Row 5, Seats 107 & 108
    Sec. 211-3, Row 15, Seats 109 & 110


  161. David Fardon

    I am taking my grandchildren to see the Cubs v. Cards on August 20 (Sat) or Sunday August 21. The Sunday game is listed s TBD. What are the risks of that turning out to be a night game? We need 7 seats close to each other – I have a chance at 411, Row 5, Seats 7,8,9 and 10 and 411 Row 4 Seats 105, 106, 107 – are those stacked together and are they good seats.
    It has been a real education reading your blog. It’s a great service. Thank you

  162. MikeTag

    Hey, your help would be greatly appreciated here! Bought tix in sec 213 row 16 seats 103 and 104. Please tell me there won’t be too bad of an obstruction…. It is great that you are helping people on here. Thank you!

  163. Kevin

    Great site. Very informational. Going to a game this next Friday, and it is supposed to be hot. found these which seem to be covered and it looks like unobstructed for the most part. Thoughts?
    Aisle 224
    Row 7
    Seats 5 & 6

  164. moviefan

    Any comment on how the field of view will be in the first row of Section 16 for a concert (Sir Paul to be exact)?

  165. Tammy

    I just ordered tickets for my family…this will be my kids first cubs game. While my tickets don’t say limited view, now i’m worried. I bought aisle seats in the infield terrace reserved section. I thought aisle would be a great choice, but now I wonder if our view will be obstructed. Our seats are section 229, row 13, seats 1 – 4. Anyone know if these are obstructed seats?

  166. chrisb

    Hi there can you let me know what you think of section 415 row 10. This is our first game with family of 4.I am scared of those columns that I now am looking at section 400’s.

    Thank you so much your advices and thoughts are so appreciated.

    RobB Ontario

  167. Thanks for the great article – very helpful! Just bought seats in Box 131 and I’m very excited, having always wanted to visit Wrigley.

  168. josh

    Are Section 208, Row 14, Seats 105-110 unobstructed? Thanks!

  169. Rob

    I’m considering buying tickets in section 527 row 6 from stub hub. it doesn’t say the seat numbers. anybody know if these seats will have obstructed views?

  170. John

    Section 208… row 3… seats 5,6,7,8… any issues for Sunday nights game against the Cards? Thanks in advance.

  171. Rebecca

    I’m sitting in bleacher box seats. (317) Which gate do I use?

  172. edward latham

    I have tickets for Section 224, row 7 seats 1 & 2 –can you tell me if they are any good. Thanks

  173. Jessica

    We are looking at purchasing tickets in aisle 208 row 12 or row 15. I am confused as to if these are obstructed or not.
    Thank you
    This website was EXTREMELY helpful-thank you!


  174. Heather

    First time buying tickets at Wrigley, so I’m trying to weigh price vs. quality of seats. Here are a handful of options I’m looking at (don’t know the actual seat numbers):

    Section 213 Row 5
    Section 215 Row 4
    Section 223 Row 3
    Section 417 Row 6
    Section 514 Row 1

    The first 4 are all about the same price while Section 514 is a decent amount less. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  175. joe

    What about sections 15, 16, 25 or 26? I really only want one fromt row seat but may have to buy two. Anyone wanna go in with me? Is it legal to sell unused tickets outside around the ballpark? Is there some kind of range or vicinity where it is not allowed?

  176. I must thanks for the efforts you’ve made in writing this posting. It has been an inspiration for me personally. I’ve passed this onto a friend. thankyou

  177. Mike

    I’m looking at purchasing tickets in section 202 row 9 and section 523 row 2. Will there be any obstructed views with these seats? Thank you and great website.

  178. Tamara

    Thank you so much for this invaluable web site! I will be buying tickets for games but I’ve never been to Wrigley before. With the advice here and the seat locator web site, I feel confident that I can choose some good seats. I wish the author good karma for the rest of his/her life. 🙂

  179. Thinking of going to a Cubs game this summer with a group. Most seats that can be together are in the 500’s sections from StubHub. Are there any 500’s sections to definitely stay away from? Also, are the 500’s sections very far up (nosebleed section) with the players looking like ants?

    Thanks – great information.

  180. Mike

    I’m looking at purchasing tickets in section 202 row 9 and section 523 row 2. Will there be any obstructed views with these seats? Thank you and great website.

  181. Rob

    Great post, thanks! Coming out from Denver to see the Rockies this August and we got seats in Sec 215, Row 6. Being even or in front of the support posts generally means we should not be obstructed, correct?

  182. Lauren

    Hi! I just bought tickets to opening day Section 536 Row 2 Seats 4&5. These were not listed at obstructed view, but now looking at the only thing not obstructed is second base??? Aren’t they under an obligation to sell these as obstructed view if they are indeed obstructed?

  183. Mike

    Hello, Hoping you can tell me if my view will be obstructed in the following two sections: Section 206 row 22 seat 111&112 and Section 530 row 7 seat 101.

    • Mike

      Also, my friends seats are in section 205 row 16 seat 11…any columns blocking view?

  184. JoaniT

    Hi there. What do you think of Sec 422, row 5, seats 103,4,5,6 for $64?
    I am old and cantankerous and don’t want a column or awning in my view. I weeded through your comments and it looks like a good spot…..uh…I think.


  185. Ryan Schroeder

    Hi, I have tickets in section 216 row 17 seats 1-6, I was wondering if they’ll be ok and not completely obstruted? thanks


    Hi, Im checking on buying 10 tickets in section 222 row 19 or 223, rows 15 & 16 (piggy back) but online they dont give the seat number. its a challenge buying 10 seats at once, but we need at least 6 & 4 or 5 & 5 for two families with kids. any prefernce to sections?

  187. Foley

    I just bought tickets in section 237-3 row 19 1 – 9 and now I am a nervous wreck after reading all this info. Can anyone tell me if I am in trouble or not??

  188. Chris

    Hello, im a veteran and the VA just gave me free seats to the game this sunday against the Nationals and i was wondering if you could tell me if i was gonna have a column in my face for the whole game? haha.

    my seats are Gate K / Aisle 504 / Row 7 / Seats 1 and 2.

    thank you for your help!


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  190. Matt

    Great page…Tonight I’m going to my first game at Wrigley sitting in 205-2, row 5. I was pretty sure I was in front of the obstruction when I bought the tickets, but now I’m not so sure because I don’t know what the “2” part means. Any help?

  191. Kat

    I’m wanting to get my sons tickets to a game for their birthdays so they can see the game together. I’m looking at a couple of sections. I just want to be sure they have a good view, no columns, poles, etc.
    Section 108 Row 10 Seats 1 & 2
    Section 109 Row 6 seats available are 1-6
    Section 211, Row 2, Seats 7 & 8.

  192. Olivia

    Our seats are in section 239, row 24, seats 101-104 for the 5/5 game. First question: Will we be in the shade? I can’t tell, even after looking on the webpage that you refer everyone to. Also, will it be hard to see for two 8 year olds? I think we’re clear of colums, but a reassuring reply from the Wrigley Field Expert would put my mind at ease.

  193. Audrey Hepburn

    Just wanted to say that you give great advice! I have lived very close to Wrigley for the past seven years. Though I’m a Sox fan, I will go to Cubs games when I can simply because I love baseball. With that in mind, I agree with your advice about the upper deck box seats. Besides the super expensive seats behind homeplate, those are THE very best seats at Wrigley. The views, especially in the first few rows, are outstanding. In the summer, there’s usually a nice breeze and shade. I’m kicking myself for not buying those seats for Springsteen yesterday. IIRC, they were only $44(?) as opposed to the ones in section $224 that I bought for $100 a piece.

  194. Bruce

    How about 222-3 row 19 seats 1&2 any obstructions?

  195. Brandon

    Hi there! Great article! I recently bought seats in Section 222, Row 11, Seats 1 & 2… Are these seats behind a pole or have any view obstructions? According to this website, there shouldn’t be a blockage, but I just want to make sure! Thank you!

  196. david

    we are coming to wrigley may 18th, looking for 2 good seats in upper deck, left field side, unobstructed views….any advice?

  197. ray

    My wife and I are making our first trip to Wrigley Field and not real sure if we have good seats or not. We are in Section 205 row 6 seats 7&8. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  198. holly

    We’re in Infield Terrace Reserved 229, row 11, seats 5 and 6 this Saturday. Did we make a bad decision? I don’t care about overhang, but poles I care about!

  199. Bill

    Driving up from Texas for the Red Sox game and want to get good seats at a reasonable cost for me and my son. Would like to spend no more than about $100 for each, could you recommend a good unobstructed view section to look at. Thank you.

  200. Me

    I have tickets for the Brad Paisley concert at Wrigley Field and the seats are in section 226-1 row 11 seats 105-106 does anyone know if they will be good seats for a concert at Wrigley Field

  201. Brenton Yeager

    I got my tickets on Stubhub on June 14th vs. the Tigers. Section 417 Row 1 im hoping for great seats did i strike gold?

  202. Elizabeth

    Thank you for the descriptions! I found pictures online from different sections, but it was helpful to know about the specific seats with obstructed views!

    I’m probably going to get section 228, row 19, 101-105 and hope that they aren’t obstructed. Thanks again!

  203. Adam

    Awesome Article! Am I reading this right that tickets in section 223, row 11, seats 101-103 are going to have a column right in my way? Thanks

  204. Alan

    Thanks for the info. Red Sox game in a few weeks Section 403 row 2 seats 101 and 102–how are these?

  205. Adam

    I’m thinking about getting tickets in section 101. What part of that section is alcohol free? I’m not so sure I want to sit in that area. Thanks for the input, I’ve been able to avoid bad seats several times as a result.

  206. Jay

    what a great site for those coming in from out of town. i am bringing in a group of first-timers to wrigley. first, wanted to get opinion on my seats and secondly, where would you rank them, 431 row 8, 411 row 5; 416 row 4; 427 row 1, 403 row 2 and 420 row 5. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE HELP


  207. Jimbo

    Looking to purchase 4 Cubs tix for $60 each in Sect. 222, row 10 seats 7 – 10. Your thoughts on price, obstructions, pros/cons. Thanks!

  208. Tim

    I need help…section 536 row 3….I need advice asap. Thanks 🙂

  209. Jayson

    Section 228 Row 16 Seats 101 102 103 .. hope are ok seats

  210. Joe

    Looking for cheap tickets while in town, how is section 514 row 1 seats 103-104? Thanks, great site.

  211. Rob

    How is the first row in the 400 section. I see there is a fence in front so you don’t fall down below but does it impede the view or create less legroom?

  212. Joseph

    Look at section 523 row 1, seats 1-6. Its really close to press box. I cant find a view from these seats that i trust. Have you any idea how they are?

  213. Mark

    Hi, from NYC and headed to Chicago for the first time next month! Love the site and found it very helpful. Taking in the Friday 9/14 game vs the Pirates, what do you think of seats in section 509 row 3 seats 106 and 107?

  214. Nick

    This is my family’s first time to see the Cubs at Wrigley this month (coming from Texas). I bought 8 “piggyback” tickets in section 213, rows 17 and 18, seats 101-104 without even thinking there might be view issues . What do you think of the view from these seats?

  215. Erin

    Hi there, first time going to a game Sept 2, and have two options for seats: 1. Section 239 Row 14 Seats 101-105 or 2. Secion 434 Row 8 not sure the seat numbers. Both sections are the same price. Which would be a better choice? I will have my (60’s age parents) with me-if that makes a difference. I just can’t judge if the seats in section 239 will be blocked/obstructed. Thanks so much for your help!

  216. nic g

    I am looking to buy seats in section 213. What would some good rows to look for be? It does not give the seats which the tickets would be for? a reply asap would be great!

  217. BMac

    Great site. This info is useful for countless folks. Kudos. While I have been to numerous Cubs games over the years it has been a few for me. I know you said you have never been to a concert at Wrigley but I have tickets for Springsteen, Sec 429 row 4 seats 1&2 and Sec 412 row 4 seats 103&104. I know they are probably about the same but I was just curious as to your opinion if there were any pros/cons to being on one side of the stadium or the other (bathrooms, concessions, etc.). As I said, it’s been a few years since I’ve been to the park. Thanks again for such a great site.

  218. Chris

    Awesome. Site. It helped me buy what I hope are great tickets. It’s our first trip to Wrigley and I’m really excited! I bought Sec 215 Row 6 Seat 11, 12. According to your article, you say the columns in Section 215 are in 009 and 114, so I should be fine right?

  219. Vivian

    I have seats 1-7, Row 18, Aisle 237. Are these good? any obstructions?? can you still see the field ok???

  220. Jeff

    Hello! I will be flying in to see the Cubbies take on the Giants on Sunday, Sept 2nd, and was hoping to get a little advice on which seat option to buy…We are purchasing 6 seats together and here are the best available options I got on
    – Upper Deck Box Outfield (Section 436, Row 8, Seats 107-112)
    – Terrace Reserved Outfield (Section 205-2, Row 14, Seats 107-112)

    I am leaning towards the Upper Deck Box seats, although they are $15 more expensive per ticket, because of the greater chance for obstruction in the Section 205 seats. I think the Section 436 seats will offer a good view of the scoreboard, entire field, and skyline (and possibly the lake?) Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  221. I have tickets to a concert for Section 209-2 Row 8 Seat 1. No notice of obstructed view, but would be grateful to know ahead of time! Thanks in advance for your reply.

  222. PS This site is fantastic. Wrigley needs to share more specific information about seating if they expect me to pay over $80/seat.

  223. ngp

    I have tickets in section 220, row 19, seats 107 & 108 for a concert. Will there be any obstructions?

  224. bossfan

    Can you comment on concert tickets in section 205, row 13, seats 105 – 108? Based on comments above, it sounds like obstruction may be an issue?

  225. Maddy

    I bought tickets for the outfield terrace section 209 row 3 seats 109 and 110. Are these bad seats?

  226. Jenny

    I’m looking at seats on Stubhub. Any thoughts on Infield Terrace Box 228 seats 108 and 109? It seems like they should be okay, but I just want to make sure. Thanks in advance!

  227. Hello, I enjoy reading through your article. I wanted to write
    a little comment to support you.

  228. I got cuz ticketsto a concert for Section 209-2 Row 8 Seat 1. Will there be any obstructions?

  229. I actually tend to go along with every thing that has been put into writing throughout “Bad Seats in the House
    | Chiblogo – partially obstructed views”. Thanks a lot for all
    of the actual advice.Thanks a lot,Brigida

  230. Jessica

    Just looking at tickets for Brewers @ Cubs in Section 220 Row 14…they don’t specify seat numbers. Would there be any obstructions?
    Price is $37 each does this sound good?

    • Ned Serious

      Jessica, I had season tickets in Row 15 of 220, for 8 years and they were very good seats. You can see the top of the scoreboard, and the entire field. My seats were on the aisle, and the pole (which is 7 rows up and to the right) does not bother the view of the game very much at all, only a little of 1b, which was no big deal. A lot of the lower level seats have some type of pole view, but these are NOT obstructed view seats at all. Anyone that I gave tickets too, or sold tickets too, always LOVED the view from there.

  231. Tom

    I’m looking at tickets in Terrace Reserve 205, Row 10 for a game in August. Are they under cover with good sight line?

  232. Collin Jefferies

    Hey! I bought 2 tickets off Stubhub for $100 each located at Section 220 Row 7 Seats 1+2, will I be able to see the scoreboard or will my view be cut off from the overhang? Thanks! 1st time going to Wrigley! super excited!

  233. Phillip

    Hi, I’m visiting Chicago with a small group and have been given the responsibility of purchasing tickets for everyone. I feel like I found a good deal (price-wise) but I’m unsure if the view from the seats will be good or worse, obstructed. I’m looking at Section 235, Row 14, Seats 103-110.
    Can anyone advise. Thanks in advance for any info that can be provided!

  234. doc cincinnati

    just picked up 2 tix in sec 36 row 3 for a reds day game in may. seat 105 and 106. how far up the line are these? tried to get sec 38 but the lady on the phone said they are all one section now?

  235. Dina

    Which seats are better?
    row: 3
    seats:2 and 3
    aisle: 538
    seats: 6 and 7

    Do any have columns in front of them that block view?

  236. Fabulous, what a blog it is! This website gives useful
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  237. Geoff

    Looking at section 101 for a concert,. Is this a good spot to be or are we going to be too far to the side to see anything?

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  282. Joseph Colletti

    is there a chance of catching a foul ball in the 400’s sections at wrigley. i see some seats are left for $35 a pop in section 407.

    these seem like reasonably priced tickets. i can buy a bunch for me and my cousins

    what about sections 511-514 these are priced around $20 a ticket!! we have never been to a cubs game. what is it like up there?

    I sat in section 423 at the new Yankee stadium a few summers ago and it was like i needed a telescope. i hope this is not the case at Wrigley’s 400’s or 500’s seats

    any help is appreciated


  283. William Kats

    Great resource. Thanks!

    We have seats in upper box 417, row 2, and notice from the photos that there is a railing along the front edge of the deck. Will we have to look through this railing?

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  287. Regarding Upper Deck Reserved…. You say that the walkway should not be an issue. Sit in those seats and say that. The first like 7 or 8 rows are obstructed numerous times per at-bat as people walk on that walkway. I was happy to buy in row 1 and moved up to about the 10th row.

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  291. Harold

    Can anyone tell me if section 515 row 2 or section 523 row 4 is likely to have an obstructed view? Or should I go with something in the 220s if I can find a single digit row? I fortunately do not know seat numbers since it’s stub hub

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  309. Amanda

    Hi, Would Section 134 Row 10 Seats 105-106 be good? Or should I go with Section 213 row 10?

    • mayra manzano

      Section 134 . Ud be close to the foul pole but lower lever. 214 ud be closer to the middle see more action. Park is small n e where u sit is good. All depends on ur prefered angle. Mine preferably would be 213 vs 134

  310. Diane

    Hi I’m lookin at Section 222 Row 11, Aisle Seats. Will these be obstructed? Also, will they be covered?

    • mayra manzano

      Hello diane,
      Sorry to intrude. But if u r kooking for good cheap seats. Im a season ticket holder in section 206 close to 3rd base. No obstructions row 14 amd they r coverd. Feel free to email. With n e game requests u might have.


  311. Patrick

    Sect 235 Row 13 Seat 101-104
    Any sight line info would be appreciated.

  312. steve O.

    section 219 row 21 seats 110-115. sounds like some problems tracking fly balls? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  313. Anyone know anything about Sec 205 row 20

  314. Ted

    Hello. I just purchased 239 Row 16 Seats 3 and 4. Based on what you said about 200 Level Column Locations, does that mean 1 of the 2 seats will be right on top of a column?


  315. Hello to every one, the contents present aat this web page are genuinely remarkable for people knowledge, well, keep up the nice work

  316. Nathan Sohm

    I am sitting in aisle 204 Row 14 Seats 9 and 10. Will these obstruct my view?

  317. Patrick

    In case anyone is wondering…
    Outfield Terrace Reserved 235 | 4 tickets
    Row 13 | Seats 101, 102, 103, 104
    GREAT seats. Just a bit of a problem with high fly balls and anyting into the right field corner.

  318. Curtis Banks

    Hi we are thinking of buying some Cubs tickets for a day game in Section 228, Row 23, seats 101, 102, 103 and 104. A little concerned because of some of your earlier comments about a pole obstructing some seats in this section. Hoping to be in the shade but not have any pole obstruction. Do these sound like decent seats?

  319. Dan

    Just bought tickets at Wrigley in July for section 530 row 1, seats 10-13 ? Are these good seats for the area? Any obstructions? Thanks!!

  320. Joseph

    What about section 233 row 10 seats 6&7? Are these obstructed?

  321. Lawrence

    Thoughts on section 240, row 25, seats 1 though 4? Just hoping I’m not stuck too close behind a column. Thanks for your input.

  322. ron k

    I’m going to be in 202 row 17. It that clear seats? Great article.

  323. Woody

    How is view from section 228 row 15. Seats 8 & 9. Thanks

  324. Pingback: Stub Story: Wrigley Field « Bleacher League Sports

  325. dbleck

    229 Row 7, Seats 1 -3… it says Obstructed View on Cubs website, but is it really bad?

  326. Patrick

    If it says Obstructed then it’s probably pretty bad. At least one or more of the seats will probably have a tough time seeing some of the action on the infield.

  327. DavidW

    Any insight to Sect. 213, Row 12, Seats 103-104? First visit to Wrigley and while the sample photos I’ve seen appear unobstructed, I just wanted some confirmation from anyone with experience.

  328. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d certainly donate to this brilliant
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  329. Pingback: The Badgers and Obnoxious Cubs Fans Have Ruined My Lazy Sunday And Have Made Me Quite Sassy. – Loaded Box Podcast – NFL & Fantasy Football

  330. ida

    can someone tell me if this are good seats or if the post is there left field aisle 205 row 1 seats 104 104

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