Where The Streets Have Silly Names*

Finally, after months of searching, you’ve just found the perfect new home… wait, what?  It’s on Hooker?!

Unfortunately not all Chicago streets have charming names like Sunnyside or Lake Shore.  Here are a few that have been known to draw a smirk.  Or wince.

– Hoyne              You can actually say this without opening your mouth.  Try it.

– Agatite             Shhh, my wife thinks it’s a real diamond.

– Hermitage       A block west of Reclusage.

– Lunt                  No comment.

– Melvina            The only name Jerry didn’t guess in The Junior Mint episode.

– Menomonee    Doo doo, d’ do doo  http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6300321513434302988

– Kerfoot            Hence the limp.

– Balmoral         Have fun telling this to the cabbie after a couple Jagerbombs.

– Neenah           Aww, baby’s first word.

– Moffat             I diet and exercise, but….

– Eggleston       Professor of Chicken Husbandry at U of I.

– Jarlath            The Magnificent?

– Balbo              If Rocky and the Hobbit had a child.

*Apologies to Bono


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