Exclusive – New Cubs Owner Leaked!

BREAKING NEWS – A Chiblogo Exclusive

As the December 1 deadline for the sale of the Chicago Cubs rapidly approaches, the identity of the new owner may have accidentally been leaked.

Evidence suggests that the Northside team has been purchased by the recently formed ChicagCo Foundation LLC.  A visit to the foundation’s website reveals that the company is a partnership between influential Chicagoans, formed with the specific intent of owning the Cubs franchise.  The site’s tagline reads, “Different backgrounds?  Perhaps.  One love?  Absolutely.  ChicagCo Cubs ’09.” Among the notable ChicagCo members are:





 – Stan Mikita, retired Chicago Blackhawk






 – Rick Bayless, celebrity chef







 – Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam leader








 – Pete Wentz, Fallout Boy frontman








 – Gary Becker, Nobel Prize-winning economist







 – Bonnie Hunt, film and television actress






 – D’ Lo Brown, professional wrestler





 – Claude Boris Castille, historical reenactor


The evidence fueling the rumors is a photograph of the Wrigley Field marquee, taken by a Japanese tourist in early November.  The photo has surfaced on a number of Cubs fansites around the web, leading to rampant speculation.


When reached for comment, the Cubs front office vehemently denied the allegation, blaming the confusion on a “simple typographical error.”


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One response to “Exclusive – New Cubs Owner Leaked!

  1. Bryan

    I think the owner actually doesn’t matter until and unless Cubs are consistent in their performance..but if it starts affecting their play then it’s of great worry.. the owner must keep the ongoing trend in mind and decides for the benefit of the team.. after all Cubs have got the maximum fan following…


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