Super Bowl Shuffled

The recent announcement of the 2009 NFL schedule took our minds off baseball long enough to dig up these gems.  You are, of course, familiar with The Super Bowl Shuffle.  Well, what you may not know is that the original 1985 release also included two remixed versions of the famous track:  the Extended Vocal Mix and the Instrumental Mix (for all you karaoke rockstars out there).  And because these masterpieces have been collecting dust for far too long, Chiblogo felt like sharing.  Ladies and gents, The Chicago Bears Shufflin’ Crew!


Extended Vocal Mix

Instrumental Mix



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5 responses to “Super Bowl Shuffled

  1. Speaking of distractions from baseball, are you following this Bulls Celtics series? They “ain’t trying to cause no trouble.”

  2. Sweet! Hopefully this will be the year we get to do the shuffle again!

  3. Any chance you still have a copy of the instrumental mix and would be willing to share? My karate school’s demo team is doing a remake of it, and would really appreciate it. If you can help me out, my email is

  4. lweisner

    do you have an instrumental version of the Super Bowl Shuffle????

  5. Aaron

    I am looking for an instrumental version as well.

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